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Stockholm is a city full of history and contradictions. Being our capital city we offer the best of the best.

With every corner you turn there's something for every taste. We have an abundance of cafe's, restaurants, stores and parks to suit every need and desire. From our grand Opera house where splendid operas are staged to Skansen, our open-air museum and Zoo, where you can visit moose, dolphins, bears and much more, there's never a reason to be bored. Relax in our high standard hotels, in all price ranges, have a picnic in one of our many parks, jump into a canoe and explore our waterways. The possibilities are endless and experiences breathtaking.

Winter in Stockholm, Söder Mälarstrand
Copyright © Swedish Travel and Tourism Council

Take a walk down the cobbled-stoned streets of Gamla Stan (the old town), gaze up at the narrow houses of yesteryear and you will certainly feel the vibrations of the horse driven carriages and hear the baker boasting about the freshness of his cinnamon rolls centuries before you. While you're in the neighbourhood, why not drop in and visit our Royal Castle where our kings and queens have resided since the 1200's.

Today, Stockholm stands for advanced technology, a strong history of design, extremely high culinary standards and trendy inhabitants. The lifestyle in Stockholm is global and new ideas quickly gain a foothold. Fashion houses and IT companies' use Stockholm as a test market due to the reputation Stockholmers have of being open, trendy and tech-friendly.

sparkling beauty and royal splendour. It is a vibrant, modern city with historic charm. One of the world's most beautiful capital cities, Stockholm is built on 14 islands, so there is nearly always a view of the water. Magnificent buildings stand alongside green oases and the city pulsates with cutting-edge culture and life, despite the centuries-old alleys and historic squares around every corner. Because Stockholm is blessed with endless amounts of clear and clean water, you can even swim or fish in the middle of the city.

* Information is courtesy of the Swedish Travel and Tourism Council


Festivals & Events

Hultsfred Rock Festival, June

Sweden's largest rock festival for young and old. Sideshows incl. acrobats, comedians, tightrope walkers, jugglers, mimics, musicians and dancers.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Midsummer celebrations all over the country, June

Perhaps the most characteristically Swedish tradition of all is the Midsummer celebration. The Midsummer holiday is celebrated on the weekend closest to 24 June, with Midsummer Eve on Friday followed by Midsummer Day on Saturday. Midsummer marks the longest day of the year, and the skies never really grow dark.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Music on Lake Siljan, June

The Peer Gynt Festival is a ten day long cultural festival with an open air performance of Henrik Ibsens Peer Gynt, with music by Edvard Grieg, open air consert "Ved Rondane", art exhibition, and much more.

Around Gotland Sailing race, June - July

The worlds largest offshore sailing race.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

The Hälsinge Hambo, July

A huge festive and colorful, long line dance. Dance groups from Sweden and abroad dance and play while the World Champion of Hambo is selected from the thousands of dancing couples.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Victoria Day, July

The island of Öland's National Day, celebrating Crown Princess Victoria's birthday with the Royal family. The ”Victoria Mini Marathon” is held during the day, and an extended marathon in the evening. The prestigious ”Victoria scholarship” is presented to a sports achiever. Information: Öland Tourist Office, tel: +46-485-390 20; Fax: 46-485-390 10

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Stockholm Jazz Festival, July

International jazz festival with international and Swedish world-acclaimed artists from the genres of jazz, blues, soul, funk and latin. In the center of Stockholm people gather to eat and enjoy the view as they listen to artists from all over the world. Sit and enjoy or dance to swing bands on the smaller stages.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Medieval Festival Week, August

For one week the old town of Visby on the island of Gotland goes back in time to the Middle Ages. Locals dress up in historic costumes, knights demonstrate their strength in jousting tournaments and a maiden is locked in a tower. Carnival atmosphere and festivities; a mixture of sobriety and merriment, education and carnival extravagance in a genuine medieval town.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

The Gothenburg party, August

Swedens second largest and, some say, friendlest city throws a week long festival with an abundance of activities in the city center

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Lidingö Cross-Country Race, October

The worlds largest cross-country race for runners in beautiful Lindingö outside of Stockholm

Stockholm Open, October

The world famous tennis tournament.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Stockholm International Film Festival, November

International film festival premiering over 100 films from all over the world.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

Nobel Prize Day, December

The Nobel Prize Awards are presented by H.M. the King at a formal ceremony in the Stockholm Concert Hall. By special invitation only. Banquet follows at the Stockholm City Hall.

Photo: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

ST. Lucia Day, December

The coronation of Saint Lucia, the bearer of light. Celebrated all over Sweden on the darkest night of the year, December 13, when a young woman is chosen to lead the annual procession of light at Skansen open air museum.

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