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What is the Most Popular Party Island in Europe?

While some people enjoy loosing themselves in a good book on the beach, others prefer to let their hair down and spend their vacations partying! The great thing about being in such close proximity to Europe is that it is affordable and easy to whisk you and your friends away to a party island destination of your dreams. Each of the party islands we are going to explore each offer their own unique selling points, from glamorous yachts to sparkling beaches and rocking nightclubs. Here is our pick of the very best party islands in Europe:

Ios, Greece
With Ios, you can get the best of both worlds – from spending time of beautiful beaches in the day time to dancing the night away under spectacular sunsets by night. The island has a very chilled vibe and offers an abundance of summer activities, bars, clubs and restaurants to sample and enjoy.

Magaluf, Mallorca
Magaluf has long been a great place to let loose and is located a short flight away from the UK on the west coast of the pretty island of Mallorca. It boasts some of the biggest clubs in Europe and has an abundance of venues to visit during your stay!

Pag, Croatia
Pag, Croatia’s fifth largest island plays host to the famous Hideout Festival and is now also considered to be one of the very best party destinations in the UK.; from open air clubs and big summer parties (as well as 24 hour alcohol licenses in some areas), it is easy to see why!

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing vibe couples with wild and exciting parties which make this European destination so popular with partygoers. You can even charter a boat from Mykonos and Poseidonia and sail here should you want to experience its luxurious party atmosphere!

Gotland, Sweden
While many people would not instantly recognise as a wild party destination, Gotland is looking to change that. The party season here occurs between 14th and 20th July each year and it is easy to recognise when its time as you will see all the young and beautiful Swedish people descend into this quaint coastal town. The Swedish climate is also very positive as this time of year offers plenty of sunshine that couples perfectly with Gotland’s stunning beaches.

Ibiza, Spain
The mother of all party destinations has to be Ibiza. This location has always been exceptionally popular with people from all around the world, with San Antonio and Bossa Beach being the main two hotspots for party people! If the whole host of beach raves and nightclubs gets a bit much, you can also travel to other parts of the island for a little touch of tranquillity.

While packing your very best party outfits and waterproof camera, be sure to also take a European Health Card with you when you travel.

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