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Cheap Holiday Destinations

We all need to get away for a little bit from time to time. The chance to relax and recharge the batteries is greatly appreciated, especially after a long and gruelling exam season. Maybe you’re considering the next chapter of your life, and maybe it awaits you at university. But in the short term you need to get away for a little bit. If you’re looking for a budget holiday for you and a group of your friends, then look no further than mainland Europe, where the adventure of a lifetime could be awaiting you. is a great site to apply for an E111 card, which you should never forget when booking your European holiday plans. Once approved you’ll be entitled to medical care on the same grounds as residents of the country, but in the meantime you can imagine your dream holiday in one of the following countries.


Sadly, there have been ongoing financial and economic difficulties in Greece, but it provides the opportunity for a great budget holiday for the rest of us. Santorini and Mykonos may still be quite pricey, but you can make your budget last in the likes of Paros and Skiathos where you can still enjoy a cold beverage in the blistering heat for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Ios is the ultimate student getaway thanks to the pool parties and all night raves. There are also a number of smaller Greek islands all reachable via ferry or catamaran if you fancy a nice day trip out. Plus, for the mornings after the nights before, let’s not forget that Greece is the originator of the kebab, and you won’t find them better anywhere else in the world.


If it’s good enough for George Ezra, it’s sure as hell good enough for the rest of us, and the Hungarian capital of Budapest should be on everybody’s bucket list. Granted, prices in Hungary have gone up budget airlines started flying there, it is still miles cheaper than many competitor destinations. We all like to treat ourselves when on holiday, and the great news about Budapest is you can enjoy a good meal for as little as 2, and that’s not to mention the delicious cakes and strong alcohol that are also dirt cheap. Train tickets can be little as 1 and a room for a night could set you back around 10. The chances are your budget will easily get you through a trip to Budapest and leave you some change.


The Spanish have also been going through a financial crisis of their own, which can make it advantageous for us Brits to grab ourselves a cheap getaway. Spain enjoys the most glorious of weather all year round thanks to its close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. This means you can save money by travelling outside of peak seasons, like the kids school holidays. Of course, you have the options of mainland Spain, the Canary Islands or even Ibiza, the party capital of the world. Whether you prefer relaxing on a beach or a city break, you will find something to suit all tastes and requirements in Spain. Food, drink and hotel or hostel rooms can all be available at rock bottom prices.

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