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...a ski resort just a few minutes from the capital VITOSHA

In Vitosha resort you will find bright sun, fluffy snow, wonderful ski runs and excellent hotels. And all of them are very close to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. You will have the opportunity to get involved in the dynamic cultural life of Sofia, to plunge into into its history of thousands of years, to feel the pulse of its night life.


The resort is situated very close to the capital of Bulgaria. It is situated on The Vitosha mountain, at 1800 m above the sea level, on the eastern slopes of Cherni Vrah (2290 m) which is the highest Vitosha's peak. This is Bulgaria's highest ski resort, only 22 km far from Sofia.


Skiing conditions in Vitosha are excellent, with an extensive network of ski runs and lifts. Four new high-class hotels are situated in a compact group and offer comfort and entertainment to the tourists. The hotels are located near the natural ski slopes and runs and the lifts. There many small hotels and chalets in Vitosha too. Lots restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, a tavern, a ski bar and tea shops are also available.Ski rents are available near the runs.


It starts to snow in December and it is stable till late spring. The snow cover reaches a thickness of 1.5 m. The duration of the skiing season is a 120 days and the average temperature of the air is - 6 C.


There are excellent conditions for slalom and cross-country skiing, as well as for tours on foot throughout the mountain. The resort has 6 ski runs, two of which have been approved by The International Skiing Federation for international competitions in Alpine disciplines and cross-country skiing. The ski runs are maintained in perfect condition.


Vitosha has the oldest ski school in Bulgaria with a high reputation and traditions. The school stuff comprises 40 skiing instructors all fluent in different languages.


The Ski Patrol provides 24 hours emergency service and is fully equipped.



Two lifts take skiers to the foot of Cherni Vrah peak, while the modern gondola lift from Simeonovo to Aleko takes them from the snowy mountain to the suburbs in a few minutes. A splendid view of Sofia is revealed from the lifts.

Ski runs and name of the region Hardship Total length (m) Average height difference (m)
1.Stenata (The Wall) Difficult 4000 220
2.Romanski ski run Medium 650 160
3.Vitoshko Lale Very Difficult 2800 560
4.Cherni Vrah Medium 3100 140
5.Green ski run Easy 4500 400
6.Selimitza - Konyarnika Medium 2300 250
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