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Regardless of its small territory (111.000 sq. km) the relief of Bulgaria is highly varied. Almost 30% of its territory is occupied by mountain areas of different origin. About 40% of it are hilly areas of altitude between 300 and 600 m above the sea level. The average annual temperatures in Bulgaria vary within the range from -3C to 14C.
There is a perfect combination of warm see (The Black See) and high snowy mountains, suitable both for skiing and winter tourism. There are 4 modern winter resorts in Bulgaria. Borovets, Pamporovo, Vistosha and Bansko. Each of them is situated in a different mountain, but all the resorts offer everything you need to spend a great winter vacation.
There are well designed ski runs, for beginners or advanced skiers,
complying to the international standards, as well as ski tracks for top skiing championships, cross-country skiing, biathlon and ski jumps. Excellent ski schools are available in each resort. Lifts, drags, and emergency patrols are available too.


The modern hotels offer all facilities for pleasant holiday making. Lots of pleasant restaurants, discos and night clubs are open for you to spend great time during your vacation. Each hotel provides regular trips to interesting towns, places and sights of Bulgaria. ...and all these you can get on a very good price. Come and see!             

We hope our promotion will give you useful information about the Bulgarian winter resorts. Most of the hotels are presented with their own sites, so you can take a close look on them. Enjoy your trip trough SKI BULGARIA promotion!


General information about Bulgaria

Area 111.000 sq. km
Terrain Versatile, predominantly mountainous
Climate Moderately continental
Population 8 000 000 people
Capital Sofia (2 000 000)
Government Democratic
Languages Bulgarian (English widely spoken)
Religion Mainly Orthodox Christian and 13% Muslims
Currency leva (1 DEM = 1 leva)
Credit cards accepted American Express, Visa, Diners' Club, Eurocard (Mastercard), Access, Airplus, JCB, etc.
Electricity Voltage 220 V
Passports, Visas A valid passport is required to enter the country as well as an entry or transit visa for all individuals except for citizens of countries with which Bulgaria has a reciprocal visa-free entry agreement or in the case of prepaid tourist service

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