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Anker Hostel
Address: P.O. box 4674 Sofienberg N-0506 Oslo-Storgaten 55 N-0182 Oslo, Norway, Europe
Centrally located in the heart of Oslo; approx.10 minutes walk from the Central Station and 2 minutes walk from Grünerløkka, Oslo's new fast-growing area... Find more >>>

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Festivals & Events
in Norway

Kristiansund Opera Festival

The Kristiansund Opera Festival is hosted and produced by the district opera in the city of Kristiansund. It runs for 14 days and has been staged in February every year since 1972. The festival presents a comprehensive menu within musical theatre and offers two to three opera productions, large church music productions, ballet and concerts.

Viking ship museum
Photo: Johan Berge/NTR

Førde Folk Music Festival

Over 250 artists perform music and dances from all corners of the world, around the clock! Concerts, courses, exhibitions, club nights, festival parades, dance fun. There are festival activities going on at local museums, budget hostels churches and in the downtown streets, leading to more than 80 events.

Outdoor café
Photo: K. Hamann/NTR

The Peer Gynt Festival

The Peer Gynt Festival is a ten day long cultural festival with an open air performance of Henrik Ibsens Peer Gynt, with music by Edvard Grieg, open air consert "Ved Rondane", art exhibition, and much more.

The Hamsun Festival

The Hamsun Festival has been arranged every other year since 1982 with a focus on Knut Hamsun's literar work, his life and ties with this part of Norway. The festival is held on the island of Hamarøy, where visitors can enjoy the scenery and the local indigenous colour that characterises much of Hamsun's literary work.

Lillehammer Jazz Festival

The Lillehammer Jazz Festival is considered one of autumn's most beautiful adventures. The festival profiles Norwegian and Nordic jazz, but has always included renown foreign performers as well.

The Festival of North Norway

The Festival of North Norway is the most important art event in Northern Norway. During a hectic week the town of Harstad, located 300 km north of the Arctic circle, is turned into a cultural melting pot for artists with completely different outlooks.

The Northern Lights Festival

Each year, in the middle of January, Tromsø comes to life after the long polar night. The programme offers music in concert halls, churches and pubs, as well as dance, theatre and music ensembles of different sizes and types.

Midnight sun
Photo: Asgeir Helgestad/Samfoto/NTR

Tromsø Film Festival

Tromsø International Film Festival is Norway's largest film festival. It is the world's northern-most film festival and presents a cutting-egde international program, consisting of more than 40 feature films plus the latest in short films produced in northern Norway.

Telemark Folk Festival

The Telemark Festival presents traditional folk music from all over the world. With more than 50 concerts and work-shops for all ages one can learn traditional Norwegian dances, play a traditional instrument or study with our guests from abroad.

Oslo Jazz Festival

The Oslo Jazz Festival has been an annual event since 1986 and has grown to more than 60 concerts taking place in six days. The Festival presents the elite of Norwegian musicians in traditional, swing, modern and bebop styles, as well as many world famous performers.

Oslo, Town Hall Square
Photo: K. Hamann/NTR

Ibsen Culture Festival

The Festival offers pieces and impressions produced by great artists both from Norway and abroad. There are performances in the great Teater Ibsen and events in the town's art galleries and cultural venues. Young people from all over Norway participate in Ibsenstafetten.

The Ibsen Stage Festival

The Ibsen Stage Festival in Norway is one of the most significant international festivals in the country, receiving attention far beyond the national boundaries. Actors from all over the world arrive to meet Ibsen at center stage.

Images from Norway
Courtesy of the
Norwegian Tourist Board

Photo: W. Haraldsen/NTR

Photo: Bjørn Ove Holmberg/Samfoto/NTR

Photo: K. Hamann/NTR

Cross-country skiing
Photo: Pål Bugge/NTR

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