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Student - Budget Hotel Booking

Hotels are expensive. That’s it. And on a travelling student’s budget, it’s ridiculously so. But thanks to some innovative friends, we’ve got some of the best tips around to help you plan a cheap, albeit comfortable night or two in a hotel next time you travel.

Draw up a budget
You should ideally be doing months, even a year before you jet off. Most people underestimate the cost of their holiday and end up running out of money right before the holiday is over. Tip? Overestimate everything, so you’ll always have money left over. More important is knowing how much you can spend on accommodation, as this will usually be your biggest expense.

Jump Online
With your budget worked out, now you need to look for Expedia accommodation. But don’t stress yet. The Internet has made things easier than pie. So, where to begin?

For a cheap hotel rooms, simply search for a little something called “undercover hotels”. This is how high-end hotels sell their more affordable rooms, without hurting their reputation. This usually means you’ll get a great room, without paying the extra amount.

Online offers are sometimes cheaper, as some hotels often have Internet -only specials.

Also, try using compare websites. They will do all the hard work for you by giving you a range of hotel options that you can choose from. Most of them will cover budget hotels too, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. Try and find reviews of people that have stayed at the hotels and get as much information as you can before deciding.

Share the Cost
Depending on the hotel room you’re after, why not share? If you are travelling with one or more people it’s much cheaper to share a hotel room or just stay in a backpackers. Travelling with more people will also help bring down the costs of travel. Be warned, budget hotel prices and quality can vary a lot so always do your research on a hotel before you book. Once booked, always make sure you get a booking confirmation.

Book in Advance
Always, book as far in advance as possible. Rooms are usually charged at a cheaper rate when pre-booked. If possible, you will also want to look at booking outside of the peak season where you are travelling to. This means many hotel rooms are usually empty and owners will sell them at reduced rate as an incentive.

To further reduce the cost of your holiday, be on the look out for the cheaper alternatives. This means taking the bus from the airport, instead of hopping on a taxi. In fact, just take public transport and avoid taking taxis, as they will cost you more. If you can, try not to eat at the hotel. Rather try to get your food ready-to-eat from a supermarket.


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